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    Formula that gives True or False when a dimension has no value

    Pavithra Sundaram

      I have a table that has a Dimension named "Requisition number" and another Dimension named "PO number" that has some blank rows. There is a 3rd Dimension named "Closed" that has 'X' mark for some rows. Basically, I need to create a calculated field to show Status of Requisition numbers as 'Open' or 'Closed'. The criteria for 'Open' is PO number field must be blank OR "Closed" dimension must not have an 'X' mark.

      The formula I used was

      IF ISNULL([PO number])=True OR [Closed]<>'X' THEN "Open"

      ELSE "Closed"



      but blank rows under PO number field do not show up as Null. Appreciate any help provided to resolve this issue.


      Many Thanks!


      PO number formula.JPG