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    I want to use a date for a quick filter, but only have dates show up if they exist for a particular data set

    Jean Jacques Potgieter

      Hello, thanks for taking the time to look at my post.


      I'm creating a bar chart that measures a user's productivity in a certain area (typing speed, errors, etc) on different dates.

      I have created a bar chart that has a User (Name of a person) and Measure Name (Typing speed, errors, etc) on the Column.


      The Rows has the Measure Value which shows the number representing how productive the user is in a certain area. I set up a quick filter that filters by the User so it only shows one person at a time. I also set up a filter that shows how productive they are on a certain day. The issue I'm having, is that when I set up the date filter it shows all the dates in the data source, even if the particular user wasn't evaluated on that day. I'd like it to only show the dates of when a particular user was evaluated.