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    Take a single measure value and calculate across other values


      I've attached a packaged workbook to show the problem.  Essentially, I have a data source which stores a statistical forecast value (doesnt change) as well as vetted forecast values (experts) throughout the month (which changes).


      Week over week, the expert will provide their adjusted forecast for the month.  I want a calculation that measures the difference against the statistical forecast value which was only submitted at the beginning of the month.  The sample table shows the calculated field result that I need help building.  In essence, I want a formula that functions as:


      variance from statistical = [date_produced(i).expert.forecast value] - [date_begin.statistical.expert.value]


      where [i] is the date_produced as the month goes by.


      Is creating this calculation possible?  I've wondered about windowed functions but I can't figure out the semantics to make it work.  I need to create a stacked bar chart for visualization.


      I've attached the workbook and the image viz that I'm trying to produce.