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    Newbie question about free form visualizations

    Sean Howard

      Morning all,


      I'm quite new to Tableau and and trying to get my head about creating a particular type of visualization. I've figures out the part to create the necessary calculated fields to extract the data but cannot fathom out how to place the result according to my needs. I'm trying to do something like this :-




      This is a type of "Summary card"  of which I would like to have several on my final dashboard,

      I've tried putting text boxes on a dashboard and using the formula <field name>to get the numbers, but Tableau does not seem to recognise the actual field, I've tried several combinations such as <Sheet name!field name> or <Sheets(sheet name).field name> but I'm just guessing.


      Am I missing something quite simple (I think so) or obvious (I hope not).



      Sean F Howard