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    Grand Total - Sum of Averages within a calculated field

    Aksha Kurtarkar

      I want the Grand Total aggregation to do Sum of Average within a calculated field


      Look at the excel snap shot to see how I need it to calculate:

      Grand Total Calculation.PNG.png

      As you can see the Grand Total TARP calculation should be:

                Sum(Impression for a market)/ Sum (Average ( Universe for a Market))


      I have also attached the Tableau Report. I am unable to get Tableau to calculate the Grand Total TARP Calculation the way excel is doing it. I would like it to be 29.86. However in Tableau my calculated field is generating it as : 59.72


      Tableau Report.PNG.png


      I did go through a couple of forum topic but no luck:

      Grand Total Average Using Multiple Measure Names/Values

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      Any assistance on this will be highly appreciated.