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    Can more than 1 Action Filter be Active at any Given Time?

    Reginald Green

      Hi Everyone,


      I was under the assumption that if a worksheet has actions coming from 2 or more source worksheets, an AND condition will be applied to the source dataset(s) which matches both actions filters. However from my observation this doesn't seem to be the case. It seems the last action to be applied is the only action filter that's active.


      Here is my scenario:


      I have a dashboard with 4 embedded worksheets. 3 of the 4 worksheets have action filters and the 4th is a tabular/pivot worksheet, which lists the transactions linked to values selected in the other 3 worksheets.


      I have attached the screen design below and attached the workbook; the dashboard used the Superstore Sales extract.


      The 2 line charts both use the Order Date and Category in the Level of Detail. The bar chart has Category and Sub-Category in its Level of Detail.


      I have a created an action on the C : Sales worksheet, which uses All Fields, and I have created an action on C : Total Sales, which uses all fields.


      I selected Technology sales for September 2010 in C : Sales, which updated worksheets C : Total Sales and T : Order Details as expected. I then selected Copiers and fax in C : Total Sales, which then updated C : Sales and T : Order Details.


      I then de-selected Copiers and Fax in C : Total Sales. Performing this action, I would expect T : Order Details to show all the sales details for September 2010 as I still have this month selected in C : Sales, but this is not the case T : Order Details in fact shows all the sales as though no selection has been made in C : Sales.


      This behavior seems to indicate that at most 1 action filter is active at any given time. Is this normal behavior? Is there a way to get around this?



      Action Filters.png