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    Custom Home Page - is Redirect a solution?

    Rosh ni

      We want to build a better home page for our Tableau than the default one. On this forum theres a great solution at http://community.tableau.com/thread/134961 and Im convinced we can build a great looking landing page within Tableau as a Tableau dashboard.


      But the biggest problem is we cant set it as a default start page for all users. WHY didn't Tableau provide setting a view as the start page. We dont want a user to first see the workbook , and then click and open it.


      Or we can distribute the entire URL of the dashboard...but thats so boring. It would have been cool to type '<your tableau url>' and you get the landing page. Perhaps the solution would be in using the Tableau apache webserver and doing a URL Redirect to the specific dashboard.


      Has anyone tried this, and would it be supported by Tableau..?