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    Tableau Maintenance

    Scott Gordinier

      Hi there,

      I meant to ask this at our user group, but I have a question about a "maintenance renewal" fee that I'm being assessed or offered by someone at Tableau. This seems like a confusing thing, and I don't think that I got a sufficient response from Tableau.


      Is this maintenance renewal necessary? It appears to be tied to some product updates. I'm confused...When I buy other software, I don't usually get charged for updates, do I? Conversely, if the answer to this question is a resounding "YES, of course!" then why is this put to me as the sort of option as it has? It's just new territory for me.


      Any suggestions?


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          Steven Carter

          Hey Scott,


          I believe you are correct in saying that it's for upgrades. You need to keep a maintenance license to upgrade to the latest version. Tableau invests heavily in R&D and adds a lot of new features in each release. Money well spent if you ask my opinion. Also, seems pretty typical for products in this space.