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    Issue with exporting accurate dashboard images when scrolled (Desktop 8.1)

    Mike Connery

      Good day all,


      I'm seeing an issue with data alignment when exporting a scrolled dashboard image to a .jpg from Tableau Desktop 8.1:


      The dashboard dimensions in this particular instance are set to 650w x 950h - this allows for exported images to scale fairly well at approximately 6.5" x 9.5", which fits nicely on an 8.5" x 11" sheet with 1" margins.  The exported images are meant for inclusion in client reports, and these are the requested parameters.


      Here's the problem:

      - When the number of rows of data for this particular dashboard is larger than what would fit reasonably well within the stated parameters, you get a scroll bar on the right hand side, and not all data is captured when exporting the image - it is basically cropped to export only what appears on-screen.

      - The intuitive solution is to export the 1st on-screen image, then scroll down to capture rows which appear further down and export subsequent images as necessary.

      - This works, but with a major glitch:  This is a common horizontal bar graph, and when you scroll down, the exported image captures the text rows correctly as seen on-screen, but the bars and related graph info are not captured as scrolled, and thus do not line up correctly.  Everything scrolls correctly and remains aligned when viewed on-screen, but the exported images are captured with the error in alignment described above.


      See the attached exported images for a more detailed view of this issue:


      "Image 3 Full Page"  represents the full set of rows on a single page for a reference of the way the data should correctly appear.


      "Image 3a"  represents a '1st screen' exported image starting at the top row - note that all rows align correctly


      "Image 3b  represents a '2nd screen' exported image in which I've scrolled down to capture the lower set of rows - Note that all the rows in the text column to the left have been captured as scrolled down, but the bars and mark numbers have not moved from what is seen in Image 3a, they have not scrolled along with their associated text rows.  This results in all the bars in Image 3b showing incorrect information for each of the related text rows.


      This is obviously a big problem for this sort of report, and it's not immediately apparent since the on-screen image appears to function as expected - you don't notice the error unless you compare the resulting exported images side-by-side and see that the data no longer aligns correctly.


      There are obviously some work-arounds in terms of scaling, re-sizing and grouping of content to fit things on one page - but this really isn't always practical or convenient.  It also seemed useful to document this particular phenomenon since it essentially produces errors in the resulting exported images.  There seems to be something wrong in the way the export image function works that it does not maintain the alignment of data in the appropriate rows.

      It's such a common occurrence for the rows of data to scale beyond the dimensions of a dashboard that it would seem there should be a much more reasonable solution for exporting accurate images which capture all the data correctly.  


      Has anyone seen this in their own work and found an effective way to export accurate images in cases when scrolling is necessary?