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    Filter by minimum date

    Prashant Sharma

      Hi All,

      What I have: -

      1) I have a dataset in which my year values start from some day from August. Like for year 1985 values are started from 20th of August 1984 to 19th of August 1985.


      2) I have two dates Start date & End Date which are parameters.


      3) Now I am showing values between Start Date & End Date & for that I have created a calculated field.


      4) I have a year filter on worksheet. Single value select.



      What I want to achieve: -

      1) Sheet will show only when Start date & End Date are from the minimum of date field for that year to maximum of that year respectively.

      For ex. If a user selects 15th december 1984 as Start date & 4th of july 1985 as end date then only sheet will show data.But if a user selects the start date as 5th of March 1984(as this date is less than the minimum of date for that year i.e.  20th of August 1984) & end date as 8th of september 1985(as this date is greater than the maximum of date for that year i.e.  19th of August 1985)  then it will show sheet as blank or displays some text like "Choose correct date ranges."



      P.S.: - We can't fix the dates in calculated field as I have many years in original data.

      If you have any query I am ready to answer it ASAP as this is some urgent requirement.


      Warm Regards,

      Prashant Sharma - India | LinkedIn