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    Format Lists in a Parameter

    Waldemar Holderbein

      Hi guys,


      I have a question regarding formatting  dimensions within a List of a paramater. Is there a way of formatting the individual dimensions in a List (bold, italic, font size) of a Parameter? I have an hierachical systematic, which I want to show in the paramater as well.

      Attached is my current workaround with leading underlines, but I don't like this solution very much


      Thanks in advance


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          Jim Wahl

          Hi Waldemar,

          There's no direct solution to either

          1) formatting individual parameter entries differently; for example, bolding rows

          2) creating cascading parameters

          You might be able to improve on the underscore with an arrow or bullet, such as

          ►  •

          Less relevant in your case, but for completeness, the other common arrows are

          You can just cut and paste these into the "Display As" part of the parameter field. These work with Desktop and most browsers (maybe not IE6 or earlier).

          The other approach is to use a worksheet as a filter. The worksheet has a list of the values you want to filter on---with formatting and, potentially with a hierarchy, and then you can use a dashboard action to apply selected rows to the main viz. You can do a hybrid with a parameter to select the top level and the worksheet showing the sub-levels.