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    Two datasources: Linked dimension, each datasource has measure, not both in tooltip

    Gregory Claes

      Datasource A , datasource B

      Both have the same dimension "Region"

      Datasource A has measure XX

      Datasource B has measure YY


      In my worksheet I have datasource A as primary, datasource B as secondary linked to the primary by the dimension "Region"

      I insert measure XX in tooltip and measure YY in tooltop, Tableau only shows measure of primary datasource. Measure of secondary measure is blanc. (Dimension is linked because filtering one, filters the other, the regions do have measures in both entities from dimension).



      What am I doing wrong ?


      SOLUTION to this particular problem:
      One dimension his region was in capital letters, other was normally spelled. In dashboard selecting one region in worksheet A for filtering worksheet B works. However measures from secondary datasource do not come through because of the difference in spelling of the shared dimension.


      Thank you to Ville.