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    Multiple Wildcard Filter

    Emma May

      I am trying to set up a report which will show data based on [Description] containing mulitple wildcard filters

      e.g. containing *as per your quote* OR *store stock" OR *goods*
      I can't work out how to create the or function on a filter.
      Many Thanks
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          Hi Emma,


          While the OR operator isn't supported in wildcard quick filters, it is supported as a logical operator within calculated field formulas. This means that you can create string parameters to enter each search term that you'd like to filter with, place the [Description] dimension on the Filters shelf, and configure it with a Condition filter using a formula similar to the following:


          CONTAINS([Description],[Parameter 1]) OR CONTAINS([Description],[Parameter 2])


          While this means that a new parameter is necessary for each new search term, it does work!



          - Jordan