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    Sets: Combining (more than 2) or Creating from multiple dimensions -- Option available in 7.0 but not 8.1?

    Christopher Garcia

      Is there a way to create 1 set from multiple dimensions? Instead of 1 set per dimension?


      In 7.0, you were able to ctrl+click multiple dimensions in a filter shelf then right click and create a "nest set" from your selection ( http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v7.0/pro/online/en-us/sortgroup_sets_create_nest.html). It doesn't look like 8.1 has this function, but it would make changing filters based on parameters much easier.


      Right now to get a single view to filter 3 dimensions based on an "Include" and "exclude" parameter, I have to create 6 sets (Dimensions 1 through 3 for Include and 1 - 3 for Exclude ). Eventually I'd like to have 6 of these In/Ex views but that may mean 36 individual sets for a an otherwise small report.