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    Calculation to over-ride one value with another value from another data source.

    Steve Dreibelbis

      I have two data sources set up in my workbook. I am calculating a Risk field based on conditions in the primary table. I have joined in an excel file that has a risk override field that can be filled in by an employee if they have checked the part and actual risk is different from the calculated risk. What I am trying to do is if there is an override in the file use the override in a bar chart else use the calculated risk. Here is the formula CASE ISNULL(ATTR([Sheet1 (Custom Notes for Tableau.xlsx)].[Risk Over-ride])) WHEN TRUE THEN ATTR([CALC Color Actual]) ELSE ATTR([Sheet1 (Custom Notes for Tableau.xlsx)].[Risk Over-ride]) END. It works in a table format. but when I add this calculated field to color a chart I get a * when there is a difference in the risk in the 2 tables. I want to have the chart color based on the calculations results. I have attached the start of a workbook the calculation I am trying to get to work is CALC Color Final and use it to color the par chart based on the RED, Yello , Green Risk. Sheet 1 has it in Table format and that seems to work fine.