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    subtotals are blank

    Jerry Pudmanski

      Sorry if this is an easy question, but I can't seem to figure this out and I am new to Tableau.


      Attached is some partial data I created for an Occupancy report based report.  I had to create a formula to get the 5 different ranges that you see in column "A" and now need to add some subtotals to each range. When I added the subtotal it doesn't show any numbers and  I believe I can't do this because I am trying to subtotal on a the formula.   Is there a way around this?  Ultimately, I  would like to have a summary for each Occupancy range, but again, since the Occupancy range is a formula not sure how to do that either.


      Only thing I can think of  is to download the data to excel and create another report, but then I loose the connection to live data.  Any suggestions would be helpful.