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    Any Recommendations for 3rd Party Consultancy - Data Server, Security, Permissions, Multi-Tenancy Help?

    Matt Lutton

      Hi All:


      Our organization is looking for some consulting related to sharing extracts across workbooks (Data Server), Data Security, Permissions, and Multi-Tenancy, as we move toward providing client dashboards for organizations outside of our own.


      To date, we are connecting multiple extracts of the same data to several different workbooks, and maintenance is just not feasible with this setup.  Additionally, permissions and security are manually maintained and this is also not feasible as we move forward.  We just have one Tableau person, me, and I do not have a lot of experience or expertise in these areas and don't always know what the best approach is.  Our main goal is to move from "user focused" projects, to "data focused" projects on Server, so one project is shared between multiple clients, if that is at all possible.


      I have a good grasp on the Data Server aspect, but we've encountered many problems with switching reports to Published Data Sources, like dropped filters, inability to impersonate Server users in Desktop, etc. that it became more than I could grasp or control.  We also don't have a lot of time or resources to devote to experimenting, as we have needed to get dashboards out quickly so we've sort-of "made it work" up to this point.


      We would love to find someone/some group with a lot of experience and expertise; someone who has deployed Tableau Server in a setting similar to our own, in which we want to avoid duplicating data extracts and create a security and permissions plan that will allow us to serve one dashboard to multiple clients.


      If anyone has any outstanding recommendations for an Individual or Company, please feel free to share.  I'm not looking for any advice on these topics here, just looking for any recommendations you might have.  We know we can contact Tableau, Alteryx, Interworks, etc. for this kind of help, but we'd really like to narrow it down to someone/some group with the right skills and expertise to help guide us in the right direction.


      We are working with school data, and we are located in Indianapolis, IN.  Someone close by would be ideal, but feel free to share any recommendations you have.  Please only recommend if you have direct experience with the consultant/group. 


      If you want to share your experiences with this type of enterprise deployment and what has or hasn't worked for you, please feel free to email me directly at mlutton@goodwilleducation.org; Thanks!