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    dropbox to refresh server extract


      Hi all,


      I've set up an ETL process which updates a .csv file in a Dropbox folder. I'd like to publish an extract of this to Server so that it automatically updates with Server's scheduler.


      Wondering if anyone has any tips to configure the extract such that it correctly points to the Dropbox location. Does the machine running Tableau Server (which is in the cloud) need to have the Dropbox client downloaded?


      Any tips are hugely appreciated! Please let me know if the above is clear or if more details are necessary.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hey Ruben -

          Tableau Server isn't really "Dropbox aware", which for your purposes is fine. You just need to point at your CSV sitting in a location that Tableau Server can get to it at:


          • Add a folder / csv to dropbox
          • Tell Windows to Share this folder as a "fileshare". For example, on your machine named "Ruben", you name this share "RubensShare"
          • Add  whatever windows account Tableau Server runs under as a user who can access "RubensShare"
          • Using Desktop, connect to the csv via a UNC path (\\Ruben\RubensSahre) NOT the file path like c:\Documents\RubensShare


          ...and you're done.

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            Hi Russell,


            Thanks very much for your response! I was trying to avoid doing the file share directly from my computer for both practical reasons (I didn't want my laptop to be a dependency on report production) as well as the potential security of openly sharing a file with a machine in the cloud.


            We came up with the following hack/solution: we just put the Dropbox file in the server on the exact same path as the Dropbox file on my computer and made sure that user that Tableau Server belongs to can access that location. This works like a charm.

            I should add that this works only when you have one machine actively publishing data sources to Tableau Server, so it's by no means a perfect solution, but it works for this use case.

            If anyone else has another better solution, please chime in.


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              Ben Brazier

              Hi Ruben,


              I know this post was over a year ago, but are you able to explain your hack in a little more detail? And is your hack still working? I am trying to do the same thing for Tableau online and linking with dropbox (or any other cloud based storage) without having to rely on one PC to run the update.


              If anyone has seen any other ways to achieve this, these would also be much appreciated. Thanks in advance