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    nested sorting with hierarchies

    Shay Paintal

      Hi All,


      I am unable to sort a hierarchy the way I would expect. I understand nested sorting as described in this post Nested Sorting | Tableau Software, but the scope of this issue is slightly larger.

      Basically I want to allow a user to click the ' + ' and ' - ' hierarchy buttons on a chart and always have the chart sort from largest to smallest within the hierarchy level (nested sorting at each drilled-down level of hierarchy). AND I want the 'ugly aliases of the combined categories' described in this post: nested sorting and changing the alias of the combined dimensions to be hidden.

      For a little context, I have attached a workbook with a few work-arounds that I have tried that are not sufficient:


      Tab: Standard Sort

      • The drill-down works correctly
      • The headers are correct
      • There is no nested sorting


      Tab: Hidden Alias

      • This is what I want for the first level of hierarchy, but as I drill down (click the + button) the nested sort disappears


      Tab: Hierarchy - I created combined fields for both levels of hierarchy, added them to the hierarchy, removed 'show header'.

      • If I put the combined field pill in front of the category that I want sorted, the nested sorting operates as I would like.
      • Unfortunately, trying to drill up and down using the + and - buttons does not work, because the combined fields are in the hierarchy and hidden, so users would be confused


      Tab: Option 5 - create a hierarchy of only combined fields, remove 'category' and 'subcategory'.

      • This is also close. I could drill up and down perfectly, BUT then i am stuck with the 'ugly aliases of combined categories'. At the lowest drill down, where I would want headers to be just the 'Sub-Category', each header would be something like 'Region, Category, Sub-Category'.