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    highlight using quickfilter

    Els Engel



      I used this article: http://tableau-ext.hosted.jivesoftware.com/thread/139865 to get my relative graph on the right to show the absolute history in the graph on the left when I click on a dot, which represents a fund. Works like a charm.

      I added an extra drop down menu to let it work the other way around. Not by clicking blindly on a dot, but by selecting one fund to show the history. The drop down is a quickfilter using the 'select' action from the graph on the right.




      What I really would like is when I select a fund in the drop down menu, to have the graph on the right highlight the dot that represents the fund, just like when you click on it.


      I just can't get that one working...


      Thanks in advance for any ideas on how to crack this riddle!



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          Els Engel

          OK, I found kind of a hack.


          I put the 'fund'-dimension next to the 'value'-measure in 'rows' in the left graph and then hided the title, so you couldn't see anything of it. Then I could select the fund field in the highlight action window.

          Now it highlights the fund on the right when you hover over the graph. Not exactly what I wanted, I wanted it to happen after using the drop down menu, but I put a line in there telling people to hover over the graph.