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    A Tableau State Of Mind...

    Shawn Wallwork

      In an email to a Tableau friend I just wrote the term: Tableau State of Mind (TSM). I was referring to the necessary shift from an Excel State of Mind (ESM) to TSM that is necessary for a complete embrace of Tableau. My experience has been that companies new to Tableau have an ESM, and I was commenting on how long, and what route was taken, to get to a TSM.


      Please feel free to share your experiences in how you helped your customers, clients or company make the shift from an ESM to a TSM. What worked? What didn't work so much? What was the critical factor that pushed the decision over the line, and made you a winner as a Tableau Champion? Please share. Thanks,




      Mark Kelly this is a question for you.

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          Jonathan Drummey
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            Shawn Wallwork

            Yep that's a classic. Thanks for reminding me Jonathan.





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              Mark Kelly

              I really like the terminology Shawn. My organisation was typical I guess in terms of its ESM as it was all it knew prior to me introducing Tableau.


              My directors were of course impressed with the great visualisations that could be achieved, however my instructions were always to ensure I encapsulated everything that appeared on our spread sheets. 'Oh and don't bother with those fancy dashboards, because we need to print all of this' (pages upon pages of lines upon lines of data).


              It is difficult to say when the mind set changed but when it did, it was dramatic. Suddenly after months of getting used to what Tableau was capable of, my directive changed from 'you need to make sure everything looks like Excel' to 'Mark liven those reports up a little', to 'I don't care that we can't print it, why would I want to print it when I have Tableau Server.'


              Obviously some organisations will adopt a TSM quicker than others, but the one lesson I have learned is to persist, be patient and the quality of the product will eventually shine through to the users and then the decision makers.




              Shawn Wallwork

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