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    how to leverage table indexes when quick filtering on a calculated field based on the indexed column?

    Zach Leber

      My Oracle data source has a table index on the SAMPLE_ID column, e.g. 4P7HW. This is how the data is internally stored. But my users think in terms of SM_ID, which I create as a calculated field by pre-pending "SM-" to the SAMPLE_ID, i.e. SM_ID = "SM-" + [SAMPLE_ID], e.g. SM-4P7HW.  However, if I quick filter on SM_ID (custom value list) I lose all the performance of the table index. It's 100X slower. How could I let users paste lists of SM_IDs that somehow get stripped back to their SAMPLE_ID or otherwise leverage the indexed column for fast select from the database?

      quick filter on calculated field.png