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    Dual Axis map.  Map doesn't show with 2 different Lat/Long pills

    Kris Erickson

      So here is the big picture, I want a map with a custom polygon and labels above all points.


      I have Lat/Long pills (Script1&2), and this draws points.  Then I have two calculated fields (ScriptLong/ScriptLat) that make the lat/long NULL if they are an interior point and it draws the polygon.

      The calculation is simply ScriptLat = case [Script1] when 0 then NULL else [Script1] end


      I placed 'NULL' in there to force the polygon not to zig-zag and only draw the outside vertices.  I can draw the diagram exactly how I want to except I cannot get the map to show up.


      Upon re-reading the Map under "Show Me" I see that it says "1 geo dimension"


      So it would seem to me this is not programmed into Tableau.  Is it impossible to do what I want in 8.1?


      Would it be possible to place a filter on the filter shelf and have that filter apply to only one part of the dual axis?  Could I somehow use a calculated filed with 2 datapoints (polygon and points), and then place that on the pages and show history someway? 


      Thanks for any help.