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    Edit Connection Empty Filter Issue...

    Shawn Wallwork

      Has anyone else run into this problem? I just did an Edit Connection on 5 connections in an existing workbook, pointing the connections at a different Excel file. Everything worked fine at the worksheet level; no red exclamation marks. And the filters in the worksheet all populated correctly. However when I change to the dashboard view here's what I get:


      Filters 1.jpg


      Those are empty drop-down list filters. Some of the dashboards look like this:


      Filter 2.jpg

      One working all the rest empty. And yet some have all the filters working.


      Filter 3.jpg


      I'm not seeing any rhythm or reason to it. Unfortunately the workaround is to remove all the non-working filters and then add them back in again, having to change all their setting from the defaults.


      Has anybody else had this experience? Were you able to track down a cause?