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    access favorites in PostgreSQL

    Benjamin Fox

      I'm working on setting up a form of gamification for my Tableau server. I was wondering if anyone out there knows where to find in Tableau Server's PostGreSQL a list of users and if they have favorites? I've found things for views and customized views and comments. Just looking to see if I can encourage users to make favorites.


      Thank you

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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Ben -


          You won't find favorites in any of the "public" documented tables you have access to. The tables in which they sit cannot be accessed via the low privilege "Tableau" login you're probably using, either.


          If you happened to figure out a way to get into the database using a different identity (I can't tell you how), you'd find what you need in the assets and asset_list_items tables.


          If you go this route, keep in mind that you're unsupported and if you break anything you're on your own

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            Benjamin Fox

            Hey Thanks for the heads up. Even knowing that I am not able to access it is better than going through view after view of the postgreSQL.


            Normally I'd be all about hacking into this and going the unsupported route. But for this current request and timeline, it's not worth the effort to break into Tableau's data goodies. Who knows what other gems are hidden, plus it's always fun to see what you can do/break unsupported


            But if I ever do, at least I know where one thing is.


            Thanks I really appreciate it.