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    Connecting Raiser's Edge to Tableau?

    Candice Krupa

      Has anyone already made the sql script table connections for RE and Tableau?

      Thank you in advance.

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          This is old, but it should be able to connect RE using the Access (ODBC) connector to get to the RE tables. 


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            McKenna Beddingfield

            Connecting through SQL Server, I've created a Tableau workbook with generic connections to the base tables in Raiser's Edge. I've found it helpful to create single datasources for each different area of RE that I want to look at - such as Gifts, Membership Categories, etc. Do you have a specific connection you were looking for?

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              Brian Zimmerman



              I agree with Allen about the ODBC solution.


              Allen or McKenna---  Have you had this issue?--- We recently connected RE/Tableau via ODBC, but have been hitting a few issues with how our tables are portrayed. A current project is to create a live heat map of where our constituent codes live. The codes show up as numeric instead of our alpha codes (we are a school--- ALUM shows up as 99). Does this happen when you use SQL Server connection?





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                Steve Brewer

                Brian - I know this is many months after your comment above but I thought I would chime in just in case you still need your question answered.  You need to join the Code column on constituent codes to the tableentries table and bring back either the LongDescription or ShortDescription columns in the Tableentries table.  The integer value you see in the Constituent_Codes table is a foreign key to the Tableentries table.  This Tableentries table has descriptions for reference data all throughout RE so getting familiar with it can help you out tremendously.


                I have found that creating views in the RE database can help out with any reporting solution by have pre-created sets of data to then pull and report on.


                Good Luck