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    Looking to create a certain "Prior year" functionality

    Joe Oppelt

      I have donation data recorded by date.  Looks great.  Users can view by year, by FQuarter, by day., by expanding the date field in the visualization.


      I want to show current data and prior year's data.  I can create a table calculation, using LOOKUP(SUM([Amount]), -1), and that gets me the total for prior year perfectly.  But you can imagine that when the user opens the date field to the quarter level or the month or day level, it doesn't behave the way I want.


      If the user is looking at data by quarter, I want him to see the current quarter (FY 2013, Q1 for example) and the same data for the prior year (FY 2012, Q1).  And if he's looking at a particular month, he needs to see the data for the same month last year.  Etc.


      Any ideas for how I might approach this?