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    Reference Line Sum Issue

    Eric Decker

      Good morning all,


      I’ve hit a snag with a reference line SUM issue that I’m hoping you could help me with. I have two data source documents (Both Excel); a raw data Excel Sheet that holds a Group, Date, and Time Spent fields, and a secondary Excel Sheet that holds the Group & Goal relationships.


      I’ve created two charts. The first chart is the three month sum only of each group, while the secondary chart shows the last fiscal year as well as the first 5 months of the current fiscal year with the appropriate goal line.


      The problem is, if a month doesn’t have a row that houses any time spent, the goal line doesn’t sum appropriately. The default sum is coming across as 570, when the actual sum is (and should be) 618.


      Does anyone know a workaround for this problem? Please help!