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    txt data source import: the txt based data source unstable

    WL Pool

      Thank you in advance for your warm help last time.


      There is a tricky issue about txt data import:

      I export a txt file with another application periodically, and  created a txt based data source with Schema.ini. The data source will be refreshed hourly.

      The size of txt is about 12M, 18 fields, and 90K rows.

      the Schema.ini looks like ( with mock field name)






      Col1=id Long

      Col2=name1 Text

      Col3=val1 Long

      Col4=amount1 Float

      Col5=date1 Date


      Now the txt based data source is unstable. Tableau failed to refresh whole txt file correctly.  For example, sometime, Tableau loaded 50,000 records out of 89,000 totally. I can walk around the issue by switch the order of No 50,000 and No 50,001 record ( without any data change but the order of records). But next time, Tableau will stop importing at another position...


      My Env:

      window 7 64bit

      Tableau 8.1 Server



      I know it is difficult to debug such issue without real data and not happened each time. I really appreciate your any feedback. 




      Best Regards