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    Create a calculated field to choose between two dates sets

    Gabriel Queiroz

      I would like to create a calculated field with a conditional clause to choose between two sets using an ordinary parameter.

      Although, when I try to do that, I got the message that I can't create the condition as the set is already a boolean calculation.


      Here is what I already did:


      Set 1

      Dates from Jan,1,2012 to Dec,31,2013


      Set 2

      Dates from Jan, 1, 2013 to Dec, 31, 2014


      Please, note that the 2013 year must need to be a common year for both sets.


      The user will choose between the periods of 2012-2013 or 2013-2014.


      I already tried another work around like making dateparts with the years, however I am not able to use 2013 two times, I mean, it get a valid calculated field, however when I select the second part (2013-2014) it only shows me the 2014 because the 2013 is already "in use" by the 2012-2013 condition. Please, look my first try below that illustrates this case:


      IF [Date] >= #1/1/2012 AND [Date] <= #12/31/2013 THEN "2012-2013"

      ELSEIF [Date] >= #1/1/2013 AND [Date] <= #12/31/2014 THEN "2013-2014"



      Any ideas?


      Thanks in advance. Gabriel