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    From Desktop to online. How to update the report with data from sql?

    andrea vignando



      I have Tableau desktop professional. I'm evaluating the tableau online solution (cloud).

      I have a report with tableau desktop related to sql data published on tableau online (coud).


      My goal is to update the report day by day.


      1) I can update the report in tableau desktop and republish it. This works but this manual step it's not good for me


      2) If I upload the data source and I refresh it (as example with Tableau script), the data source is updated but it's not connecdet to my report, so it's not updated!


      So, my question is: How can I refresh the report on tableau online (cloud) when SQL based?


      I have read http://onlinehelp.tableausoftware.com/v8.0/online/en-us/help.htm#to_keep_data_fresh.htm but the situation it's not clear to me.