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    slope chart - current month vs. prior 12 month average

    Harley Ellenberger

      In the attached workbook I have a simple slope chart showing May 2011 vs. April 2011 sales data.  Instead of showing May 2011 vs. April 2011, I want to show May 2011 vs. the average of the previous 12 months (May 2010 - April 2011).


      How can I get the left axis to show that 12 month average?


      In addition, it would be great to have a parameter control that would allow me to select my 'Current Month' and another parameter control to allow me to select my 'Prior Months'.  The 'Prior Month(s)' parameter control would allow me to get the average of the months to plot on the left side - maybe sometimes I'd want the prior 12 months or maybe I'd want the prior 3 months.

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          Sourabh Dasgupta

          Harley, see the attached workbook. Sheet name  = "Sourabh Solution"

          I have tried to create the sheet based on your requirement. There might be other ways to achieve this but as of now this is what I could think of.


          I have created 2 parameters. You can edit the parameters to add in more values.


          1) Date_Axis calculated field: Based on the parameter selections, this field categorizes the date as current month or last n months.

          2) I have also brought the Order Date (MY(Year)) in the view (*details") as we need to calculate the window avg of the last n months.


          Suggestions; instead of showing magnitude and direction in size and color respectively we can use Products in the color. The SLOPES in the chart itself shows the downward or upward trend so no need to add the color and size as this is against the " best practices of visualization". We should not add information in any viz unnecessarily as it confuses the human brain.


          I hope this helps.

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            Harley Ellenberger



            Good solution.  Any way to prevent the labels from piling on top of each other which makes the font fuzzy?


            Notice the 'Technology' label (which is 12 labels on top of each other) looks like bold font and it's fuzzy.  For the 'Office Supplies' label, I moved the labels around to show the 12 different labels.



            Here's a screenshot of the original with a much cleaner font because they aren't stacked on top of each other....