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    Displaying the results in tabular form using custom SQL

    Sabitha Balaraman

      I am using custom  to prepare the report. Every number you see below is a field from the tables I am using. I should display them in the below format. I am able to populate Name and Total columns,but I am NOT able to bring the forecast and count columns .

      Could you please let me know if there is a way to do it.

      As immediate solution i brought forecast only in one worksheet, only count column in one work sheet,name and total in different worksheets. Finally displaying all the worksheet in below format , so totally I am using four worksheets. Can anybody let me know me some better way to do it.


      NameTotal Forecast Count
      A S987345377
      B S6671,4131,437
      C S6771,3311,618
      Appreciate your help.