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    Is there a way to not include the Grand Totals as a part of the heat map coloring?

    Joseph Duran

      I use heat maps a lot to help our clients see which product impacts the most in regards to total amounts.  However, I've yet to figure out a way to add the column grand total to a heat table without it changing the color scheme across the column since it is the highest amount.  Attached you can see that the heat table is in reversed Red-Green diverging color scheme.  If I add the grand total to the column all of the colors change down the column due to the grand total now being the highest amount and the darkest red.  Is there a way to not have the grand total included in regards to the color scheme of a heat map?  Ideally I would want to have the grand total at the bottom of the column in a neutral color while all the rows of the data range from light green to dark red based on total amount.  Thanks!

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