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    Might be a bug in combined date fields

    Joe Oppelt

      I made great progress creating single filters for hierarchical fields.  See this thread:


      Creating a single filter for fiscal quarter


      Ran into a problem though.  As long as the fiscal year starts in January, this works.  If we move the fiscal start month (October in my attached example) the fiscal year data displays as calendar year.  So, in the attached example using the Superstore data, I changed fiscal start to Oct.  Therefore the 2010 data, which starts in January, should have only 3 fiscal quarters in 2010, but the filter display shows 4.

      The function of the filter works OK.  It selects all the proper data, eventhough I select the 4th box that says FY2010, Q1 (but should say FY2011, Q1).  It's still using the calendar year for filter display, but displays the proper visualization all the same.


      I'm trying to mess with formats to blank out the fiscal year portion of the filter.  I can put in a custom format for YEAR ( " " ) so that it displays a blank.  That's cool, but the combined field insts on separating the YEAR and QUARTER with a comma.  I can edit the displayed field and clear out the comma (or enter anything else I want), but the filter display puts the comma there no matter what I've tried so far.


      Anyway, I thought I would report this issue.  If there is a better mechanism for reporting stuff, let me know.