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    Aggregating aggregated data in a histogram

    Hope Barrett

      Hello Tableau Community,


      This is a great resource and I thank everyone for their help in advance!


      I am attempting to produce a histogram of aggregated data. I have per second click data and I want to see pageviews per visit. Using the following post, Aggregating an aggregate for histograms, I was able to get much of the way to the goal. I created my PV/V field using the following calculated formula [COUNT(click)/COUNTD(visit)]. I then created bins. However, I still have a few problems.


      1. I cannot figure out how to restrict my bins to 1 - 9 and 10+ versus the entire subset that shows now. I was able to show 1 - 10, but I was not able to add everything after 10 to one giant bin.

      2. I cannot change the color of the bars. I have a feeling it is because of the way I built the histogram, but I'm really not sure. I was also unable to add marks indicating how many items were in each bin.

      3. In my main workbook, the histogram seems very slow. I was wondering if there are ways I can optimize it.



      My packaged workbook is attached. Eventually, I will have to deal with 100 of millions of lines and I want to make sure I build this as efficiently as I can anticipating long rendering times. Thanks again for any help!