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    how to find server name

    sree vas


      Am using tableau desktop and server(8.1) both are trail versions,i want to publish my workbook to the server,

      can you please let me know how to find server name.

      see below image for reference.





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          Russell Christopher

          Hi Sree -


          You've probably figured this out already, but YOU need to know the name of the computer on which you installed Tableau Server - we can't tell you that in Desktop. Just type the computer name into that box, and you should be ready to roll.


          Good luck!

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            Michael Dvorak

            Had the same question , this is how got there

            1/ Launch Tableau Server Monitor

            2/ Go to Status on line  Process see you will see computer name


            Per Tableau :

            On the computer or device from which you want to access Tableau Server, type the following URL into the browser:

            • If you are using the default port:  http://<computername>.
            • If you are using a custom port: http://<computername>:<port number>.