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    Top N Set in 8.1

    Zachary Fraile

      Here is another thing that used to work in 8.0 that no longer does.



      1. drag a measure to the text box

      2. drag a dimension to the rows shelf

      3. ctrl+drag that same dimension to the filters shelf

      4. select "use all" in the general tab

      5. In the "top" tab, choose

           a. "by field   

           b. TOP

           c. create a parameter named TopN as an integer = 10

           d. select the same measure from step 1

           e. SUM

      6. Right click the newly added filter and select "create set".  Call it TopNSet

      7. Right click the newly added parameter and "add to sheet"

      8. Drag the newly added set to the rows shelf before the existing measure to create the IN/OUT of set measure

      9. Remove the filter you added in step 3


      Now, change the TopN parameter. 


      In 8.0, this would move your dimension in and out of the IN/OUT of set.  In 8.1, it does nothing.


      As you are doing all of the above, make sure you DO NOT ATTEMPT to use the Alt+ shortcut keys that don't actually work anymore either, despite still having underlined accelerator shortcuts.


      Any fixes to this?  Unfortunately I am not the Tableau admin so I cannot get us to roll back to 8.0.  I have not had time to enjoy the additions to 8.1 as I have spent the past four weeks trying to workaround the things that suddenly stopped working.

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          Alberto Jimenez

          Have you tried downloading 7.0, upgrading to 8.0, publishing to 8.0.4, then extracting from 8.1, and creating a second level parmeter in the proposed 8.1.4? That may fix the problem.

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            Joshua Milligan



            I just tried your exact steps in both 8.0 and 8.1.  In both cases the parameter does nothing when the filter is removed.  If you add the Top N Set to the filters the parameter works as you described. Have I misunderstood the issue?




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              Zachary Fraile

              Hi Joshua,


              I've attached a sample workbook created in 8.0 that shows this behavior.  The example worksheet was created as I described and shows the desired behavior as you change the parameter.


              The reason why the filter must be removed is shown in the second worksheet, which is just a copy/paste of the first worksheet with a few tweaks:

              1.  Add column grand totals

              2.  Right click the "out of set" and hide it (as opposed to excluding it which would remove it from the grand total)

              3.  Right click the set pill and uncheck "show header"


              The result of this is that the "in set" items are shown as dictated by the TopN parameter.  The "out of set" items are not visible, but are included in the grand total.  The effect of this is my best mechanism to force Tableau to provide a "Top N and Others" option.  I don't want to exclude the others because the grand total must be intact . But for presentation purposes, I need to restrict the size of the display given that the data set almost always follows the Pareto principle.  Ideally there'd be a subtotal for "others" in there, but since it's not currently possible in Tableau having the grand total and the power of math is good enough.


              Our previously published reports exposed this parameter to the user so that they could pick their own Top N.  Current behavior of 8.1 now precludes this.


              What's very odd to me is that if I edit the set and manually change the Top number, the behavior is exactly as expected.  Somehow it just doesn't seem to have a refresh/recalc triggered when the parameter is changed.  I know this is not general parameter behavior because I leverage them heavily and they do trigger the calculation expected in all of my other use cases.