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    Tableau Server (DB) PostgreSQL Trigger not working.

    Thit Lwin Oo



      I have some issue not working in the process of overriding workbook/sheets permission for user group/users.


      When user publish any workbook, can choose any usergroup / users to that published workbook.


      I have list of permission matrix Workbook/Sheets vs User.


      After user publish workbook, I want to override permission list just after workbook is published.


      In this case, I wrote after insert trigger function on next_gen_permissions.


      Trigger function simply delete user selected permissions and update permission list maintained.


      There is no error after publish workbook, but just not working these trigger function (delete and insert next_gen_permissions).


      Any idea?

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          Russell Christopher



          Since directly modifying Tableau's workgroup database in PostgreSQL is not supported, it's not likely you'll get tons of help here. I'd suggest you hit a PostGreSQL discussion group with this question - you'll probably get more traction.

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            I have to ask why you are doing this. Permissions cannot be managed by code alone, or worse trying to do a back-end sql update to the permission schema. First of all,  you can't simply write a trigger to update the table 'next_gen_permissions' because it has a cascading relationship to many other tables. I'm thinking that you're probably put in a position where there isn't any governance or procedure but messing with the repository database has a bigger risk and isn't the answer. Work out a top-down design in your Tableau site: create Sites, then create Projects, then create Groups that you assign at the Project level or the Workbook level within Projects. Allow some projects to be user-managed, and some to be under change control. Let the organizational hierarchy enforce the security requirements but do your audits to show non-conformance, and eventually you'll establish a culture where hacking the repository workgroup database isn't the answer.