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    Generating more than one date with DATEADD function

    Matthew Pufunt

      Hi All -


      I am trying to create a viz that will forecast out dates relative to how frequently a field says they run (i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). In the attached packaged workbook, you till see that using the DATEADD function at the day level and basing the number of days to be added off an if statement (If 'Daily' then 1 elseif 'Weekly' then 7 end) I am able to forecast one date forward from the START_DATE.


      What I would like is for that calculation to continue until it is greater than or equal to a specified END_DATE. So if a campaign ran on 2/10/2014 and was slated to run daily till the end of the month (2/28/2014) then I would like the forecast calculation to generate 18 discrete values (2/11/2014-2/28/2014). Similarly at the weekly frequency it would forecast 2 values (2/17/2014 and 2/24/2014). Any insights or direction to helpful links would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!