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    Work locally from Desktop after publishing on Tableau Server

    Xavi Roig Gracia

      Dear All,


      I'm really new on Tableau, but I wasn't able to find my question in the foro.


      - I develop my workbooks locally with Tableau Desktop, using a local SQL*Srv DB datasource.

      - Once all is ok, I publish the workbook on Tableau Server, which is already configured to Access a SQL datastore as well.

      - To end up in the Desktop,  I save a copy of the Workbook in my local Workstation.

      - So far so good, tableau server Works perfect.


      However, if I want to edit locally again in my Workstation the workbook, the first Tableau Desktop asks is for the connection to Tableau Server, not being able to edit locally again this Workbook unless I have visibility of my tableau server. If I cancel the pop-up for tableau server, the workbook looks like almost empty.


      This situation is particularly interesting (work locally) when you want to continue developing from a laptop or isolated from the server.


      What do you suggest ?


      Thank you in advance.