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    Table Calculation - Difference


      Hello Everyone,


      I was trying to figure out table calculations and formatting my report in a certain way, but not sure if it's possible or not.


      We are still on Tableau 7


      I want to see the difference between two fiscal years like the example below:



      I was able to do it in the attached sample workbook, but it's not in the layout that I wanted it in.


      Currently I have my Measure Names on the Rows Shelf, and I tried putting it on the Columns Shelf hoping it would somehow change the layout to what I wanted it.


      Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction or have any other reference I may look at?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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          Matt Lutton


          I'm not sure you'll be able to obtain that exact format with the data set you have.  You can experiment with various ways to show the data--here's an example showing the amounts and differences on two sheets, with the same type of layout (headers hidden on the second sheet, so format matches the original sheet, but the headers aren't shown).


          I did this in 8.1.  In the future, please post which version of Tableau you are on when you use the forums; this will help us keep our solution workbooks consistent with your version.

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            Hi Matthew,


            Thanks for the advice! Probably have to try and play around with it some more.


            I also updated my original post to reflect the version of Tableau we are using.