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    Recalculate calculation based on groupings selected

    David Kirk

      Dear all,


      I apologise if this is a very simple question but I am new to Tableau and have hit a stumbling block.


      I have a data set which contains 2 dimensions (category and department) and two measures (applications and applications processed)


      I have a calcuated field which is called percentage of applications processed and is basically the applications processed divided by the applications.


      This all works well if I break the data down by both dimensions.  What I want to be able to do though is break it down by one or the other.  When I do this it aggregates the calculation so instead of 89% I get 345%.


      Is there a way of getting the caclcuation to recalculate based on the data it is seeing rather than the raw data?


      The data:

      CatA     DeptA     10     5     50%

      CatA     DeptB     20     5     25%


      What I want:

      CatA     30     10     33%


      What I get:

      CatA     30     10     75%


      I hope that makes sense.