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    mapping: sum records for group and show each point

    Julianna Wokurka

      Attached is an example.

      Let's say I have a set of data with longitude and latitude (not city, but city was used for an example).

      (i filtered to us to make the example simpler)

      Each point corresponds to a group, in this example each city corresponds to a specific region.

      I want to be able to sum the number of records in the region, display each city (latitiude/longitude) point on a map but color code the map with the region with the higher the # of records, the darker the color.


      Then I want to be able to fleely filter this by year, month, hour. So if I change the year to 2010, now the region with the highest # of records in the darkest and it shows each point for the cities on the map.


      So you can see on sheet 1 I show the map of the cities. And on sheet 2 I show the number of records per region. Ideally, sheet one would be color coded with all area codes in market "central" and "east" with the darkest color. "west" points would be slightly lighter and "south" points would be the lightest.


      When I filter by year, the colors would change by whatever the number of records in the market would be. Your help is much appreciated, this problem really has me stumped.

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