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    Automatically print a single dashboard multiple times based on a filter

    Carlo Liquido

      I have a dashboard composed of a single worksheet. For sake of simplicity, let's say there are 200 schools with data on their students' test scores. Each school requires it's own printed dashboard. What I would normally do (which takes way way way too long) is filter on school and print each school from 1 to 200 manually as a PDF.


      Is there anyway to resolve this issue? I know there are some new R capabilities which I'm hoping might be the answer.  I was thinking maybe there's a way to code some sort of loop that says:


      start at school 1, now print school 1 as PDF

      proceed to next school on filter

      currently at school 2, now print 2 as PDF

      .... so on

      until print school 200

      no more schools



      Appreciate any help! Thanks!

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