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    Plotting data around a common date "centerline"

    William Chen

      Hi all,


      I'm attempting to do something similar to the "Top 10 Tableau Table Calc" #2, in which the Total Gross Sales for each movie partition was addressed to a common date baseline - Week # Since Opening.


      However, supposed the movies underwent a certain event but on different dates (say, "Date of Original Soundtrack Release").


      MovieDate of OST Release

      Aug 1, 2012

      BJun 3, 2013
      CSep 29, 2011


      Is it possible to set a centerline based on the Date of OST release, such that I plot for each movie partition "Sales Per Week" along a date axis of "# Weeks BEFORE" and "# Weeks AFTER" the Date of OST Release?


      Hope that was clear, thanks for your help!