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    Superintendent Dashboard

    Rick Bishop

      Superintendent Dashboard


      We are looking to create a very simple one dashboard view for our superintendent. Does anyone have an example of the best practices for this sort of K-12 dashboard? 

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          April Beasley

          Great question.  I too am looking for this same type of view.  I am a brand new user in Georgia.  I do not know of any other school systems using this tool.  Currently I am trying to customize some worksheet templates that we purchased from CIC and make them match our data...remapping the tables, etc to make it connect with our sql tables. It is definitely a learning experience.  I joined this to get help and ideas.  Hopefully after a little while, I will be able to contribute as well.

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            Rick Bishop



            I assume since you are linked to CIC you are using Infinite Campus as your SIS.  We are using the Tyler SIS k_12 system in Kansas City.  Please feel free to contact me directly to discuss further. Perhaps we can discuss and design some ideas to share with others.  I have been just as frustrated with creating such a page of detail yet simplicity at this level.  816-418-7442


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