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    Fix x-axis for trellis chart

    Joe Berry

      I have a chart that shows a distribution of a population based on a dimension (Y) I have calculated, eg


      if [TCB] <= 49999 then '0-49'

      elseif [TCB] > 49999 and [TCB] <=99999 then '50-99'

      elseif [TCB] > 99999 and [TCB] <=249999 then '100-249'

      elseif [TCB] > 249999 and [TCB] <=499999 then '250-499'

      elseif [TCB] > 499999 and [TCB] <=599999 then '500-599'

      elseif [TCB] > 599999 and [TCB] <=699999 then '600-699'

      elseif [TCB] > 699999 and [TCB] <=799999 then '700-799'

      elseif [TCB] > 799999 and [TCB] <=899999 then '800-899'

      elseif [TCB] > 899999 and [TCB] <=999999 then '900-999'

      elseif [TCB] > 999999 then '=>1,000' end


      I then add another dimension to my columns so I get a distribution of X for each of these dimensions I have added, so it looks like a trellis chart.


      My problem is that my calculated dimension (Y) above only populates for items where there are data members for (X) based on my measure, so each distribution on my chart is a different size. Is there a way I can show all of the buckets in (Y) regardless of whether any data exists for (X) or not?