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    Create Bins is grayed out in dimensions pane


      Just starting out in Tableau. I'm trying to create a stacked bar chart. I have a measure, Payroll, data in dollars. I right-clicked it, Create Bins..., entered a value, clicked Load, and OK. Payroll(bin) appears in the Dimensions pane but it is grayed out and cannot be dragged onto the Columns shelf. From other posts, I have gathered that is what should group the payroll data. I right-clicked it, selected Describe..., and clicked Load. There are 6 domain members and the Status: is Valid.


      If I can get past this part, I think I can figure the rest out. Any help is much appreciated.


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          Prashant Sharma


          Please attach a sample workbook(.twbx) so that we can suggest you according to your dataset.


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            Sorry about that - just saw the posting guidelines and will follow next time. I figured out the problem, and am posting it in case other newbies run into something similar.


            I have three different data sources to the same excel file to filter the data in various ways. This was the easiest way I found to get trend lines for subsets of the data, for example. For the particular sheet in question, I must have accidentally selected the primary connection, dragged a measure to the column shelf, then selected the secondary connection I intended to be working with to create the bins dimension for the row shelf. This generated an error:

            tableau error.jpg

            I followed the instruction in the message by clicking on a broken blue link in the dimensions pane, but that didn't fix it (link is red in below pic). The indication of that there is still a problem is shown with the red circle by Payroll 60M to 100M (secondary connection) and a blue circle with white checkmark over BaseballSalariesPerfor... (primary connection).


            tableau error2.jpg


            After removing the field from the primary connection off the shelf and selecting the secondary connection to create the bins, the stacked bar chart I was after displayed just fine.