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    Guru Hack For Enabling User Data Entry

    Brian Scott

      Hi Everyone -


      I've got a pretty nice dashboard up and running that shows managers what they want to see, but they *also* want the capacity to update some data on the back end.  I've got a very action intensive model working locally, but am really starting to think that there should be a different way.


      So, let's say that I have a set of points and a detail table that display areas of customer complaints.  I've got a web service hosted externally that will update my tables with a HTTP get or post.  I can create a URL action that will complete the transaction in a satisfactory manner.  See the attached screenshot on an example. 


      What is starting to wear me out is the need to construct an interface heavy set of actions, essentially one per choice that the user might want to enumerate.  So, if a complaint occurred on the day of local activities I need a link.  I also need a link to indicate the complaint occurred before any local activities.  I need a link that indicates the complaint occurred on a service lateral that could not be addressed by the field technicians.  I need a link. . . . . .  Pretty soon my hover over menu is overwhelmed with options (see attached image).  It works, but it is ugly as anything and for some of my consumers that is the kiss of death, regardless of if it works well or not. 


      My *ideal* solution would be to incorporate a drop down box / text entry box on the detail panel and then give the user one link that logically says, 'map as indicated'.  I've taken a look at the phpgrid solution floating around out there and may investigate it but wanted to see if the gurus had any other thoughts.


      Any insight is appreciated!